Episode 14

Published on:

19th Oct, 2020

Episode 13

Published on:

12th Oct, 2020

Episode 12

Published on:

29th Sep, 2020

Episode 11

Published on:

14th Sep, 2020

Episode 10

Published on:

1st Sep, 2020

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About the Podcast

The Boundless Book Club
Tune in for fiction and non-fiction recommendations, and great conversations about books and authors from the Emirates Literature Foundation team and special guests.
From Russian tragedies to Australian comedies, via Emirati slam poetry and Saudi science fiction, our appetite for words knows no bounds.

In our day jobs at the Emirates Literature Foundation, you'd normally find us planning the next Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, but the rest of the time we're guessing whodunnit, debating the ultimate feel-good novel, or reading the stacks of books that line our office walls.

As we are here in Dubai, one of the best connected cities in the world, we aim to bring you recommendations for books from all over the world.

Want to get in touch? Send us a message on comms@emirateslitfest.com

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ELF Emirates Literature Foundation TRN 100371319300003

The Emirates Literature Foundation is a non-profit NGO established to change lives for the better by spreading the love of literature. Our flagship event is the annual Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the largest celebration of the written and spoken word in the Middle East.